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Castelmagno di Alpeggio Dop

caseificio la bruna



Produced only with summer milk from cows put to pasture in the Valle Grana mountain meadows, at more than 1000 metres above sea-level, it is a rare cheese. Unique in its genre, with great intensity and aromatic variety, it has notes of cooked milk, dried fruit, vegetal hints of hay, animals and wafts of mushroom and undergrowth. The paste is granular due to its complex and ingenious processing, with the straw-yellow ochre owing to the fresh forages of the high-altitude pastures. With the ageing process, its particular structure can allow the passage of oxygen within the paste and the consequent development of a natural marbling, being greatly appreciated amongst connoisseurs of this particular kind of cheese.

We choose to age our forms of Castelmagno DOP d’Alpeggio for at least 180 days. Always serve at room temperature. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it can be stored in vacuum-sealed packages.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

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