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Raschera Dop

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Amongst a multitude of round cheeses, the Raschera DOP was already differentiated since ancient times by its square form, deriving from the logistical needs of the time, when these shapes were transported on the back of a mule from the alpine pastures, optimising space and resources. Even though its origins are mountainous, as indicated by its name taken from the alpine pastures of the Maritime Alps, today the production of this typical Piedmont cheese with raw pressed paste is widespread and well established throughout the province of Cuneo.

We manufacture this cheese exclusively with raw mountain milk. Its own organoleptic qualities render it unmistakable, encasing a great sweetness accompanied by gentle notes of cooked milk, butter and hay. Its paste is tender and elastic, with an irregular and traditional characteristic ensuring it is immediately recognisable.

We choose to age the Raschera DOP forms for no less than 70 days. It is our recommendation to always serve this cheese at room temperature. It is also great for use in cooking, for the preparation of typical fondues to accompany fresh vegetable dishes. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it is important that the centre does not dry out.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

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