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Bra Duro Dop

caseificio la bruna



Historically created and marketed by an important ageing centre located in the town of Bra, this type of cheese today produced by us in the Cuneo valleys began to be identified by the population as “cheese from Bra”, hence its denomination. The Bra Duro is a cheese designed to be aged for a long time. To this day, we still produce it with raw milk carefully selected from amongst the best farms in the area and partially skimmed so as to obtain a dry and compact paste. In our cellars, it matures thanks to the optimum environmental conditions and tireless care, being periodically turned and oiled on the surface to keep the crust thin and free from ‘unghia’ (translating to ‘nail’, this is a fine hard crust that forms as a defect). We obtain a cheese with good flavour and strong character, presenting fragrant notes of animal and dried fruit.

We choose to age our forms of Bra Duro DOP for no less than 300 days. Always serve at room temperature. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it can be stored in vacuum-sealed packages to maintain all its special qualities intact.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

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