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Monte Tibert is a great passion for us. We want to express this by dedicating the most original of our cheeses to the mountain that dominates our valley. Its elongated prism shape with irregular edges invokes the rocky summit of the Tibert in a rather faithful way, whilst the heart is tender with strong hints of milk and butter and the right tastiness.

To produce this cheese, we use special moulds, whilst during the ageing it is periodically rotated onto three of its five sides. A cheese that is emblematic of our innovative spirit, it is extremely versatile. Its triangular slices on a sizzling hotplate emit astonishing aromas, encased in a consistent crust that retains its soft and spicy paste.

We age the Tibert form for no less than 45 days. Always serve at room temperature. On the hotplate, let it heat up for around about 20 minutes per piece until obtaining a golden crust. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it is important that the centre does not dry out.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes.

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