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caseificio la bruna



Straight out of the past, this is an enchanted place where magic occurs: the whitest and freshest cheese of the cheesemaker are to be found on wooden boards, where they slowly mature and refine in the daily care of expert hands. Cheese is a living element, as is the wood, the stone walls and the water flowing uninterruptedly into the grotto, with their uniting creating the optimum conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and airflow, so that each form can properly mature.


caseificio la bruna


Ageing is fundamental for obtaining quality cheeses. This is a very important step that allows us to best enhance the raw ingredients and with it, all of our work. For this reason, our products leave the grotto only upon reaching the organoleptic qualities by which they are best identified, always with the fundamental levels of maturation superior to the guidelines of the discipline.


Chiama Ora