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Toma Piemontese Dop

caseificio la bruna


“Toma” is an emblematic name of the Piedmontese dairy tradition, so much so that it is often interchanged with the word “cheese” in the local dialect. This ancient cheese has deep roots spread throughout much of Piedmont, albeit whilst preserving different peculiarities amongst the various production areas.

We produce it with semi-cooked paste in forms of approximately 3 kg and 7 kg using raw whole milk. Its paste is soft yet compact, with its white colour having straw-toned shades and small and well-distributed eyes. Having a medium ageing in the grotto, it taste is harmonious and fragrant, increasingly intense with the advancement of the period of refinement. It produces hints of milk, butter and bread, with a captivating sweetness.

We choose to age our forms of Toma Piemontese DOP for at least 25 days for shapes below 6 kg, and 90 days for the larger ones. Always serve at room temperature. Great even in the kitchen to create tasty risotto. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it is important that the paste does not dry out.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

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