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caseificio la bruna

Caseificio La Bruna


Naturally good.


Defining La Bruna as a simple dairy farm would be reductive. From breeding the animals to milking, from the production of cheese to the ageing in a cheese grotto, every step takes place within the company, because only by controlling each phase of production can we guarantee a product that is superb, wholesome, natural, but above all unique.



caseificio la bruna

For this reason, we have a team of entrusted collaborators, each with skill, sensibility, experience and specific knowledge. Indeed, within each cheese wheel, you will find the professionalism of our breeders, the mastery of our cheesemakers, the experience of our refiners, the passion and history that only the Caseificio di Montagna La Bruna can guarantee.


caseificio la bruna



Milk is not just a precious raw ingredient, it is our signature element.

By transforming the raw product without any heat treatment, we respect its physical characteristics, preserving the richness of its original flora of milk enzymes, able to render our cheeses unique and inimitable. Producing cheese with raw milk involves considerable technical challenges for the cheesemaker, but the conservation of the microorganisms that are naturally present in milk confers an incomparable aromatic variety and organoleptic characteristics.


caseificio la bruna



We chose the Bruna (or, Braunvieh) breed because, thanks to its genetics dating back to medieval times, the mountains and their pastures offer an ideal habitat. Present in Italy since the 16th century, it is a rustic, robust, curious breed that produces rich and aromatic milk. The Bruna cattle breed is the beating heart of our production. Thanks to the particular kappa-casein genotype, it guarantees better coagulation of the milk, which is particularly suitable for cheese production. Each day, our specialist staff dedicates care and attention to our herds, especially by looking after the feed, consisting of local hays, selected noble cereals and – during the periods in the alpine pastures – fresh and flowered grazing. By way of further confirmation of our operational quality is our breeding being one of the top in Italy in terms of longevity, well-being and quality of life for the heads.


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