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Ever considered a noble cheese, appreciated by kings and queens and their breeds, Castelmagno is in fact born from the need to preserve long, modest quantities of milk. The Grana Valley, with no commercial outlets, was historically populated by small mountain communities that used to graze their few cattle in the rich alpine pastures.

However, daily milk was not enough to produce a large cheese enough to be seasoned for a long time. Thus, the curd obtained each day was put to rest under serum and, once the required amount was reached, was milled and then hand-pressed into the molds. Documents about its production date back to 1277. We still manufacture it today by reproducing the same gestures, aware of the great responsibility to preserve with our work the authenticity of these ancient flavors.

caseificio la bruna


Already Castelmagno DOP producers of high quality, dedicating ourselves to the production of other DOP cheeses in our area has been a natural choice for us.

The Protected Designation of Origin – PDO – is a European instrument established to protect and preserve over time the historical heritage of peculiar agro-food productions of member territories. The Cuneese area has secular dairy farming traditions, boasting numerous DOP productions, all regulated by rigid disciplines that lay down every aspect of their production, guaranteeing their levels of quality and continuity. Our business philosophy, however, prevents us from satisfying ourselves with the minimum required level of quality. For this reason, each of our cheeses is made only with raw milk and refined well beyond what has been established.

caseificio la bruna


The other soul of our dairy farm, the innovative one, which drives us to the constant search for the highest quality. We have created and created these cheeses in order to enrich the taste experience of those who taste.

New combinations of aromatic notes enclosed in different forms and consistencies are the result of stimulating experiments, always in the utmost respect of our precious raw material.

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