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Bra Duro d'Alpeggio Dop

caseificio la bruna



Historically born as a mountain cheese, today the Bra DOP is produced predominantly in the valley. In fact, there are very few forms that can be found adorned with the green label of Alpine production. We still produce our Bra Duro d’Alpeggio using raw milk. By letting our mountain milk rest and partially skimming the cream off the surface, through the traditional handmade processing, we obtain a paste with a compact consistency that is ideal for long ageing. It is precisely due to this long ageing process that it develops its aromatic qualities and the consistency of a grating cheese, which rendered it the protagonist of the trade routes between Piedmont and Liguria in the 1800s.

We choose to age our forms of Bra Duro d’Alpeggio DOP for no less than 300 days. Always serve at room temperature. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it can be stored in vacuum-sealed packages.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, rennet.

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