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Fauniera with Truffles

caseificio la bruna



A mix of aromatic notes: from the encounter of raw milk with precious black summer ‘tartufo’ (truffle), comes our Fauniera al Tartufo. The decisive and intense aromas of truffle combine harmoniously with the sweetness of its paste, the taste revealing an enveloping delicacy and persistent balance. We wanted to curate every detail of this cheese, right through to the amber aspect of its crust, as a tasty ambassador of all that is “Piedmontese”: from the skills of the dairy farmers to the truffle-hunting vocation in our regions.

We choose to age our forms of Fauniera al Tartufo in the grotto for no less than 60 days. Always serve at room temperature. Store in a cool location. Once cut, it is important that the centre does not dry out.

Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, salt, tuber aestivum truffle 0.06%, rennet, milk enzymes, aromas, colourant (on the crust): caramel E150b

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